200 Year Old Canal Drained, Shocking Mysteries Discovered

While cleaning the basement or attic of our houses, we often come across the things, the memories which were lost with time. These items are the memoirs of our long lost memories and it always makes us feel good. It’s like taking a walk through the memory lane. Now imagine if a 200 old canal is drained. How many items and mysteries it must be holding in itself. Can you imagine? Yes, it is hard to imagine and a lot to take in. But something happened on one fine day of January, in Paris. The people were gathered around the famous Canal Saint Martin. They could see the bottom of the canal, as the water was completely drained and they were in complete shock to see what this canal has been holding for all these years. So buckle up, because it is going to be a ride full of surprises and shocking mysteries being revealed.

The History

Canal Saint Martin situated in Paris

You must be wondering what is this Saint canal and why does it hold such importance? I am here to answer all your questions. The history of this canal is very intriguing. Why is it so? Because this canal is a very important part of Parisian Street’s identity. This canal was built in year 1802, when French leader Napoleon 1 passed the order for its construction. According to facts, the total population of the city at that time was 550,000 and there was no stopping. The population was increasing day by day and it was an alarming moment for the city. Napoleon was a visionary and he thought that building this canal will help in bringing fresh water into the town, which will ultimately help in getting rid of the diseases which the town was suffering from.

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