200 Year Old Canal Drained, Shocking Mysteries Discovered

Strange Discoveries

moving fish from canal to safer place

Everyone in the city, be it locals or tourists, had easy access to canal which led to degradation of it too, due to untidy habits. Tons of garbage was assumed to be collected in it, therefore it was time to clean it again. The canal was last cleaned in 2001 and it was high time now to do it again.
This will come as a shocker to you. After cleaning, 40 tons of garbage was collected from the canal. This was huge and it was shouting out loud about how careless people were. Even more fun and shocking part was the items discovered. Authorities discovered car, washing machine, gold coins and 75mm two shells, which was associated with world war ll. Unbelievable things were happening but I am telling you, this canal cleaning ride is going to be even more shocking. Be prepared.

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