A Judge Interrupted By A Teenager To Reveal The Reality Of His Parents – But Why?

Family is an integral part of our life which define us, which supports us, which motivates us to become better everyday. Every time we look at our family we feel positive and strong from within. All the family photos give happy Vibes. Every time you look at them you feel how happy they are and it makes you happy. But looks can be deceiving sometimes. You see smile on everyone’s face but does that mean real happiness? Sometimes it’s not what it looks like. Sometimes we need to dig a bit deeper. Saturday here I am, with a story that is unexpectedly shocking as well as beautiful. A teenager suddenly interrupted a judge, while he was passing on the final verdict. Shocking right? Why did a teenager interrupt and important decisions? What actually happened that became the headlines of the newspaper? Today this story will answer all these questions and will leave You with Goosebumps. So buckle up for some shocking and interesting turn of events.

Her Dream

Sara Cozad with her foster kid

You must be well aware with their concept of fostering children. It’s a great thing to do, to provide love and shelter to kids who were unfortunate enough to loose all. But fostering doesn’t always prove to be good. I am saying this because it is hard to know before hand whether the children and the family will get along or not? what if they I don’t like each other? what if things don’t work out? These things come in mind when it comes to foster kids. But things were different in case of Sara Cozad. It was August 13 of 2018, and Sara sat there with her husband and her to foster children next to her in front of the judge, all ready to listen the verdict. The hearing was regarding the fact that whether The foster mom would get to legally adopt foster kids. What happened? Let’s find out.

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