A Tired Soldier In Taco Bell Becomes Real-Life Hero After Confronting Two Suspicious People

They were hungry

Despite the fact that they felt very nervous by the eerie emptiness, they wanted to eat there as they were very hungry. They dismissed the current situation and blamed it on the storm. Both the soldiers had ordered plenty of food to keep them busy until the storm passed. Little did they know, a surprise was on its way for them.

They saw something

Army Lt. Col. Robert Risdon’s eyes were drawn to something sinister just as they were about to eat their tacos. Something unidentifiable was outside the foggy glass door. He couldn’t continue to enjoy his meal as a soldier if he had any doubts in his mind. Soldiers are like that, still alert and vigilant, trying to be prepared for anything they may encounter. After years of rigorous and determined preparation, they have a sense of honesty and duty coursing through their veins. Isn’t that what we like the most about them?

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