Astonishing Revelation Of Identity Of A Janitor!


William cleaning the halls janitor

William was a dedicated man. Be it any work he gave his hundred percent. He was always appreciated for the dedication he had towards his work as a janitor. From mopping floor, maintaining cleaning to collecting janitorial supplies. He was top notch. He was a very silent man and no one ever encountered him talking to anyone else. This was also one of the reasons why people were not bothered or they never paid attention on him.
Are you feeling bad for him? That even though he was very devoted, anyone hardly paid attention? Don’t worry as this was about to change. The negligence was about to turn into importance.

3 thoughts on “Astonishing Revelation Of Identity Of A Janitor!”

    1. I am pleased our nation’s military has finally and properly honored these brave men…and mildly proud as a retired Air Force man that our Academy family had a part to play in some of it. I will be looking to visit LT Baker’s gravesite at Arlington to honor him again and again on behalf of a grateful nation and fellow service member.

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