Astonishing Revelation Of Identity Of A Janitor!

He Lives…

Crawford’s statue at Hero Plaza in the Pueblo Convention Center

Crawford’s contribution and act of devotion wasn’t only awarded when he was alive. He was honored even after he passed away. People paid him respect in different ways. Governor Colorado Bill Owens, issued a bill where all the flags were to be lowered to half mast in order to pay respect to late Crawford. Not just this. Crawford’s statue was made at Hero Plaza in the Pueblo Convention Center alongside the statues of three other Medal of Honor recipients from Colorado.

3 thoughts on “Astonishing Revelation Of Identity Of A Janitor!”

    1. I am pleased our nation’s military has finally and properly honored these brave men…and mildly proud as a retired Air Force man that our Academy family had a part to play in some of it. I will be looking to visit LT Baker’s gravesite at Arlington to honor him again and again on behalf of a grateful nation and fellow service member.

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