Astonishing Revelation Of Identity Of A Janitor!

One Man Army

troops heading to castle

You must be wondering what happened next. Was he also captured by Germans, the way Crawford was once. I’ll answer your questions.
Baker saved the day. I’m his leadership, the troop defeated enemy. But even after securing the position on castle, Baker didn’t stop. I told you, he was an ambitious man. He destroyed machine gun positions, completely. He further destroyed two German bunkers, two enemy observation posts, and a network of Third Reich telephone lines. And guess what, he did all this alone. Yes. Single handedly, he destroyed his enemy.

3 thoughts on “Astonishing Revelation Of Identity Of A Janitor!”

    1. I am pleased our nation’s military has finally and properly honored these brave men…and mildly proud as a retired Air Force man that our Academy family had a part to play in some of it. I will be looking to visit LT Baker’s gravesite at Arlington to honor him again and again on behalf of a grateful nation and fellow service member.

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