Astonishing Revelation Of Identity Of A Janitor!

The Connection

William Crawford in his early army days

You must be wondering about why was Moschgat was so startled while reading the book. Well, let me help you with that. Those pages got him curious because the name “Private William Crawford” was mentioned many times in the book. Does it ring a bell? Yes, it’s the same “William the Janitor” whose name kept popping in the book.
After reading it, Moschgat was sure that this William and the Janitor Bill in the academy, have some connection. He told everything to his whole class but no one paid any attention to the fact.

3 thoughts on “Astonishing Revelation Of Identity Of A Janitor!”

    1. I am pleased our nation’s military has finally and properly honored these brave men…and mildly proud as a retired Air Force man that our Academy family had a part to play in some of it. I will be looking to visit LT Baker’s gravesite at Arlington to honor him again and again on behalf of a grateful nation and fellow service member.

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