Life is all about uncertainty. It is destiny that is fixed and made us believe in god. You never know what is to happen next but what happens has a strong reason behind it. Sometimes the reasons behind an act are obvious and quickly understandable. 

It is a widespread belief that the destiny of a person is fixed and determined. Our actions and all the events that occur in our lives are just a part of the process that led us to our destiny. It takes years to understand why a particular event had occurred. 

The same is true for Chuck and Kim, who had no idea how their adopted daughter’s small strange habit would change their entire lives. Let’s find out what peculiar habit their daughter has and how it affected their life.

The Baby Princess

The princess

From the beginning, she was more than just a child. She fulfilled her adopted parents’ life and provided them the satisfaction they were missing in their life. She was lying outside the station in a paper box for many days when they found her. She then started to develop the habit of listening to the old clock. And how this habit is going to change everything. So let’s start from the beginning.

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