Best Decorative Shrubs for Gardening: Ideas for 2020

In most cases, the owners of country houses and summer cottages plant various types of fruit trees and ornamental shrubs on their plots. The last of them can completely transform the free space in the garden and at the same time bring a good harvest, for example, tasty and healthy berries. As such shrubs, bushes of mountain ash or viburnum are often planted.

Many gardeners prefer to grow roses or lilacs on their plots. However, the rose requires special care and is considered a rather finicky and moody plant. In addition to these famous names, in the gardens you can see other equally popular types of shrubs:

  • Forsythia- the time of its flowering begins with the advent of spring before the first green leaves begin to form on the trees. Forsythia flowers have a bright yellow colour.
  • Spirea– large inflorescences are painted white, so the shrub is often called the “bride”, but light pink shades of varieties are also found.
  • Henomeles- is a shrub that has a beautiful spectacular and bright flowering. It can be seen quite often in garden areas.
  • Chubushnik– is tall, lush green bushes with a similar aroma to jasmine. Flowering abundant throughout the summer.
  • Buldenezh– is another kind of viburnum. Its inflorescences look spherical in shape and can reach a diameter of about 10 cm. Such a viburnum blooms for only a few weeks.
  • Euonymus– is an evergreen shrub that is often used to create landscaping in gardens. There are about 220 different varieties of euonymus.

All ornamental shrubs are distinguished by external characteristics, a variety of shapes and colors. Experienced designers use these properties in order to create an individual landscape design in each garden plot.

Many gardeners build real hedges from decorative shrubs. They are considered today one of the most fashionable areas in the arrangement of the landscape. For these purposes, as a rule, shrubs are chosen, which can grow in the darkened corners of the garden. They need to be trimmed regularly to maintain a certain shape. Such shrubs are intended to divide the garden into separate zones.

Cherry, mock orange, varieties of honeysuckle, spirea, dogrose , boxwood or undersized juniper bushes will look perfectly harmonious at the base of the hedge.

Another modern trend in the design of landscape design are alpine hills , to create which low-growing decorative shrubs are also used. It can be various dwarf varieties of juniper, for example, a lying or Cossack variety, as well as mountain pine, which grows very slowly. For ten years it reaches a height of about 40 cm. These shrubs do not require special climatic conditions for their cultivation. They only need to be cut periodically to keep fit.

The creation of a Japanese garden, which can consist not only of low-growing varieties of shrubs and flowers, is considered to be a fashionable trend in landscape design. They are easy to combine in height, creating unique and effective groups of plants of various shapes.

The only important condition when combining such compositions is the right choice of colors for decorative plants. The basis of the Japanese garden is sakura or felt cherry , bird cherry bushes, which will look great next to growing spireas, henomeles or weigela . Such shrubs have an attractive appearance, even after the flowering period ends, they are rich and variegated foliage.

All of the groups of ornamental shrubs are able to completely transform the garden, give it originality through the use of bizarre shapes and vivid contrasts. Fans of landscape design often use them when arranging a free area around a country house or cottage.

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