How Can I Sharpen My Garden Tools At Home


Saw on the farm is needed. And even if there is not a single tree on your site (there seems to be nothing to saw ), but be sure to buy a saw. Who knows at what point it will be needed: on the barbecue, during the construction of a country shower, or the development of a new bench. 

close up of Carpenter sawing a board with a hand wood saw

Even if you don’t have an extensive orchard that needs pruning, the saw will come in handy. 

Saw: Final checks for Sharpening my Garden Tools

You will have to tinker with the saw, but you can handle it. First, the teeth must be washed from the juice and resins of plants. Secondly, they need to be sharpened and diluted. Sharpening is carried out with a trihedral file, fixing the saw in a vice with the blade up. Breeding the teeth will be a little more complicated – it will require skill and unique adaptation. An instrument that has regained its former sharpness must be greased densely with stable oil or machine oil. In this state, the saw will remain until it is needed on the farm. If everything is done correctly, then in spring you will not find any problems. 

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