How Can I Sharpen My Garden Tools At Home


Yes, yes, I know that all gardeners would like that a sprayer is not required. It is a pity, but the pests do not share this excellent point of view: as soon as it gets warmer, they are hungry and evil after the winter they will rush hordes of our plants. And they will attack them all summer. Add to this the causative agents of diseases, from which no one is safe either. Therefore, it is very advisable to get more than one sprayer: for local treatments you can buy a compact manual volume of 2 l, for trees and shrubs a backpack version of 12 l is suitable, and for a dangerous confrontation, for example, for a large orchard, you need a sprayer of 16 land more. Well, if such an impressive sprayer is on wheels, it is much more convenient to move it. By the way, it would not hurt to buy a separate foliar top dressing – it’s somehow calmer at heart if you know that insecticides and fungicides do not fall on the fruit. 

Garden sprayer and a young fruit tree in the spring garden.

What could be better than a sprayer? Only three sprayers! 

Sprayer: Final checks for Sharpening my Garden Tools

In the spring, with the spray you do not need to do anything – I got it for myself and started the early spring treatments. All the necessary attention you will have to pay at the end of the season. The sprayer must be disassembled, rinsed thoroughly from working solutions, blow through the tubes properly, and allow all parts to dry. Spray tips are recommended to be stored in a place protected from dust, but so that they can be found later. A proven method is putting the parts in a separate bag and putting it inside the sprayer so that they are not lost. 

Sprayers are different: manual, knapsack, and on wheels.

The list of tools that can be useful to the gardener can go on and on. Who cares, they can look into the complete record, which summer residents made up with experience, each item is checked under challenging conditions of suburban life – there is nothing extra. And from myself, I can add: a useful tool is a reliable assistant to a summer resident. If you managed to find a hoe or a brush cutter to your liking – take care of them.

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