How Can I Sharpen My Garden Tools At Home


Not a single summer resident can do without a universal bayonet shovel. Dig up a bed, prepare a landing pit, uproot a stump – without it, nowhere. Another exciting activity is to dig a mole hole. It is useless (it’s unlikely to get to the mole), but very exciting. I saw with my own eyes how quite respectable summer residents seized with hunting excitement, in a matter of minutes, shoveling an impressive section of the garden. And for digging holes when planting trees and shrubs, as well as when installing poles under the fence, it is convenient to use a rectangular bayonet shovel. 

A shovel in a garden with a greenhouse in the background.

Without a universal bayonet, spade in the garden will have difficulty. 

Have bayonet shovels have sisters: shovels (also desirable to have in the economy) and snow removal (useful if you are at the cottage in winter).

Shovel: Final checks for Sharpening my Garden Tools 

When taking out a shovel from a winter link, pay attention to the sharpness of the blade – for some craftsmen, a regular file is enough for sharpening; others use a grinder. But with a modern shovel of a large manufacturer, the treatment should be slightly different: if it has a hardened edge (you need to ask about this at the store when buying), the tool should not be sharpened. And sharpening such shovels is not required since the sharpness of the blade will not lose for a very long time. 

If you find light rust on the canvas formed during the winter, you should not try to eliminate it – in the process of digging the garden, it will come off by itself. But with a severely rusted shovel will have to say goodbye. She is unlikely to regain her former smoothness.

In the dacha farm, three shovels are needed: shovel, bayonet, and rectangular bayonet.

For the shovel to survive until spring, you need to take care of this in the fall. Cleaning is essential for everyone; for a person, it is a guarantee of health, and tools guarantee a long life. Therefore, a thorough autumn cleaning of dust and dirt is a prerequisite. The metal parts should be lubricated with machine oil or grease before storing, and the wooden pieces with any vegetable oil (ideally linseed). Important note: the rubberized sections of the handles do not need to be lubricated; this can ruin them. 

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