How Can I Sharpen My Garden Tools At Home


A pitchfork is a multifunctional tool. They can dig the beds, dig potatoes (carrots, beets, and other root crops), throw hay into stacks, pierce the turf of the lawn. Of course, this is a matter of habit, and for many, it is probably more convenient to use a shovel. Still, I will voice my opinion: it is much easier and faster to dig up dense chernozem (especially wet) with a pitchfork. We do not always have the opportunity to wait for suitable weather and favorable conditions for work, so I didn’t ruin one wooden stalk, trying to turn out a more significant piece of land. 

Forks with a metal handle were more durable than with a wooden 

Rightly judging that things would not go on like this (either the cuttings were very flimsy to let out, or my ground was too heavy, or there was nowhere to put a strong handle), I decided to acquire brand new forks with a metal handle. Such a tool is durable; it certainly won’t break. I must say right away that I am happy with them, and sellers of wooden cuttings in our market in sadness have lost a regular customer. 

Gardener digging in the garden. Soil preparing for planting in spring. Gardening.

The rules for preparing forks for wintering are the same as for shovels. 

Pitchfork: Final checks for Sharpening my Garden Tools

The rules for preparing for wintering are the same as for shovels. If you store the forks in an upright position, the tines should face the wall, and if horizontal, the floor. It is advisable to determine them in the farthest corner, so as not to touch – a hazardous tool accidentally. If you find cracks on a wooden handle in the spring, then it is better to replace it, as roughnesses on the surface promise unnecessary corn to anyone. But the small burrs and teases that appeared during the winter can be eliminated with the help of fine sandpaper intended for final polishing. 

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