How Can I Sharpen My Garden Tools At Home

Fan rake 

It’s a pleasure to work with such miracle rakes, about which summer residents could not even dream off. Convenient, practical: Combining the lawn, gathering hay, and scooping fallen leaves are useful for everything. I like just those – with adjustable grip width and tooth spacing. 

The telescopic fan rake with a retractable handle is a real find for a summer resident.

Fan Rake: Final checks for Sharpening my Garden Tools

The fan rake rarely rusts, but crooked teeth are a burning problem. If in the spring you find that the tool does not fold and does not straighten as needed, there is only one right way out – to go for a new one to the store. Any attempt to straighten thin teeth will be a temporary measure. You will not be able to work at the cottage with such a tool for long, because after straightening the teeth become more brittle. Therefore, my advice to you: if you find defects in a fan rake, do not skimp and immediately go for new ones. 

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