How Can I Sharpen My Garden Tools At Home

Choppers and plane cutters 

In the hands of an experienced summer resident, skilled in various field works, a chopper can become almost anything. It can be loosened, weeded, spud, dig shallow pits or trenches, smashed clods of earth, tilted branches with the ripest apples or plums, raked ground grass. And it can also be used as a tool of intimidation for dogs wandering to the site.

gardener pull up weeds with a hoe in the pepper plantation in the vegetable garden

Notice:Cats are afraid of a broom, and dogs are scared of choppers.

Choppers: Final checks for Sharpening my Garden Tools

In the fall, choppers and plane cutters had to be washed and wiped dry, metal parts treated with lubricant, wooden parts with vegetable oil. Plastic handles do not need additional processing; it is enough to clean them of dirt, wash, and dry thoroughly. If everything was done correctly, then in May, you just have to get your favorite tool. Only previously will he need to return to its former sharpness, so that the work would argue. 

Before starting the summer season, do not forget to sharpen the chopper and the plane cutter. 

What surely should never be done is to process the wooden surfaces with varnish. After coating, the tools look naturally divine – beautiful, and sparkling, as if from a store. However, after some time, the layer of applied varnish will begin to crack. You will not be able to work with such a hoe; the varnish will hurt your hands even through gloves. If you want to update the tool this season, I can advise you to process it with linseed oil, pre-polished with sandpaper. The effect will pleasantly surprise you. 

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