Quick-Thinking Dog Saves Woman’s Life : Three Stories That Will Change Your Views About Dogs Forever!

Dogs are the most loyal friends you could ever have in your life. Calling your dog your best friend is simply not enough to express how much your little one means to you when you think about the sheer amount of love and affection your doggo gives you. In fact if you ask Wisconsin’s Stephanie Herfel about her dear husky, she would tell you that her husky is not just a pet but her guardian angel.

When Stephanie’s husky began behaving strangely, she knew there was something wrong with her poor little husky. Once Stephanie realized the reason behind her dog’s strangeness, she and her pet had to embark on a painful journey of sorts- a journey that was much needed to resolve certain issues before it was too late.

A Loving Mother

Stephanie Herfel
Stephanie Herfel

Stephanie Herfel was not just a mother but a Marine too, and boy was she tough. In spite of her toughness, Stephanie was sad to her son travel overseas with the Air Force. However, there was one secret that Stephanie’s son kept from her – there was one little detail about his departure that he did not reveal to his mother till the last moment.

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