Rescued Golden Retriever Gives Birth To A Litter Of Pups That Causes Confusion

At Fulshear, Texas Couple Was Caught In Hurricane Harvey

The story of Harveigh
The Story Of Harveigh

Did you love the story about Rosie’s puppies that strangely looked like cows? Then keep reading to find out about a cow that pretended to be a dog in the face of survival! On the August of 2017, Louisiana, Belize, Nicaragua, Texas and many more places were hit by the hurricane Harvey that brought about immense destruction in the lives of the people residing in the area. Cities and pastures were flooded alike and people like Tammy Canton and her husband were in a bad predicament. Canton and her husband were just one of the many families struggling to survive. For the Cantons however, they faced a slightly difficult situation on top of the hurricane.

The Cantons Fitted Their Home As A Shelter

Meet the Cantons
Meet the Cantons

The Cantons provided shelter to two families and eight dogs, making space very limited in their home. Imagine the amount of commotion going on inside your home within a limited space! And then Tammy’s husband spotted something that would definitely take up more space, simply making things far more hard for everyone. So what exactly did he spot? In a hurricane, you never know what will you come across next. Better be prepared!

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