The Features Of Car, You Never Knew Before.

Fuel Efficient

NOVYY URENGOY, RUSSIA – MAY 22, 2016: Pickup truck Ford F-150 in the city street.

We have been using natural resources and they are are nearly exploited a lot by us. Even fuel saving is a very important part that needs attention. The material which is used to manufacture a car hugely determines the cost effectiveness and fuel efficiency. And it is an important concern. The best way to make a vehicle energy saver is to make it light in weight. Aluminum is as strong as Steel but way lighter than it. It should be used to make vehicles and also is a good choice by automakers today.
A good example would be Ford’s 2015 line of pickup trucks. It is because they were 700 pounds lighter than previous F-Series models. F-150s were up to 29% more fuel-efficient and we’re lighter too. Engine variation also plays some role here in efficiency.

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