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Interior Lighting

ambient interior lights in the car

Proper interior lighting in a car is a must. There are many cars that offer ambient interior lightning as a standard or optional feature. The variants of the light depends on the model of the car. The use of the light is to to light up the center console of the vehicle as well as its door handles cupholders – and footwells. There is also an option of choosing the color of the light you want in your car, but this feature is only provided by some high and car makers. Yes the presence of these interior lights doesn’t contribute in the safety of vehicle but, studies have shown that it increases the perception of safety of a driver.
According to a journal “lighting research and technology”, a study was done in 2010. The study proved that ambient lights perceives quality of materials and designs. It also intensified space perception. The slides help drivers find controls and with their orientation in the car. This made drivers feel safer while driving.

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