The Features Of Car, You Never Knew Before.

Braking System

ABS Anti-lock braking system present in the vehicle

Brakes are a very important part of any vehicle. Anti lock braking system (ABS), has been a standard feature in car for many years. But not all the drivers are aware of how to use this feature. This feature when activated helps in looking after the wheels. It checks if one or more than one wheels might get lock while hitting brakes. If the wheels are locked-up, a series of hydraulic valves are activated to limit the braking on that wheel. ABS is triggered generally when roads are slippery or when the driver slams on the brakes to prevent skidding and maintain steering control. ABS has been a compulsion in all the cars since Sept. 1, 2013.

Now you are well aware of all the hidden features a car could have. Always remember to be familiar with your car, know all about it systems and features for your safety. Let me know in comments if you happen to know any more hidden features of a car.

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