The Features Of Car, You Never Knew Before.

Nissan’s Tire Pressure Alert!

Man checking air pressure in car tire

The perfect tires are important improve your vehicles performance. The right pressure in the tire also helps you in saving fuel. Many of the drivers and not aware that feature that their tires have. They are fitted with tire pressure monitoring system. The system was made compulsory for all the cars in year 2008.
Every car company has worked on it but the coolest feature is of Nissan. It has “easy fill tire alert”. It is actually a very fun feature. start filling up the tyre and when it reaches the desired pressure the horn of the car goes off. Interesting, right? Not just this if you filled the tire more than the required amount of pressure, the hazard lights will go three times so that you know that you need to release some air from the tire. Cool, isn’t it?

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