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Drowsiness Alert!

E-Klasse Attention Assist (W212) 2008 drowsiness detector

You may not believe, what I am about to tell you, according to U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 100,000 traffic accidents happen due to drowsiness or lack of sleep. This has contributed in about 1,500 deaths and over 70,000 injuries. Can you believe it? I wasn’t able to. Sleep deprived driving is a big no. But still sometimes we have to take these majors in the time of need. Even coffees prove not be very helpful all the time. Being a drowsy passenger is okay, but a driver? No way.
So to help with this, some car companies are at your rescue. Companies like Nissan, Honda, Mercedes, Toyota and Volvo, have developed their own drowsiness detection systems. They gave attention to this detail and helped a lot. How is it done? If we talk about an example, the “Mercedes Attention Assist system” vibrates the steering wheel when it senses the driver is drowsy and guides the vehicle back into its lane. Savior!

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