True Meaning Of Cat’s Behavior, Catching Attention

We love cats. Of course we do. They are small ball of fur, little bundle of joy, with cuteness beyond the words. But not all cat owners know about the real meaning behind fair lovely fur’s behavior. Studies show that we tend to misunderstand their behavior. There is a possibility that these little ball of furs are actually full of emotions which we are unable to understand. Even when we talk about dogs, sometimes we misunderstand their actions too. But is there a possibility that actions of bored dogs and cats actually mean same, even though they are very different from each other? Well to answer this in many other questions, here I am today with proven study by Experts of Oregon State University. Let’s dive in and know about our little furry friends.

Full Of Surprises

angry cat looking

Out of all the adorable actions of a cat, hissing is quite annoying. You must have noticed your little furry kitty hissing at you. And you must think how bad, arrogant and angry he is. But it’s not necessary that they are mad at you. Yes, these little fur balls are actually full of surprises. We cannot know for sure but assume of what their actions means. Well more surprises coming your way.

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