Unadoptable Shelter Dog Becomes Sweetheart Of A-list Celebrity


Billie Eilish in frame

Billie admitted that convincing her parents wasn’t a very hard job at home. She went on am interview with German Telekom Electronic Beats podcast. There she said- ‘it sounds so introverted and loner-ish, but I’ve been really enjoying being alone”. She isn’t introvert, she just enjoys her own company.

1 thought on “Unadoptable Shelter Dog Becomes Sweetheart Of A-list Celebrity”

  1. The nose was adorable-definitely wanting a rub or a light scratch. My husband and I have adopted 6 shelter pets over the years. Loved them all dearly. Currently have an Alaskan Malumute/Border Collie mix we got the day before he was supposed to be euthanized. With some training and loving, he has become a wonderful companion and that little bugger owns us, not the reverse!

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