Unadoptable Shelter Dog Becomes Sweetheart Of A-list Celebrity


pup being taken by potential owner

Splash has been in shelter for humans and one day a potential human came and took him home. That is didn’t last long. He returned Splash back to shelter after few days only. That man was not satisfied with the dog. He said that the dog was not meant to be in his home. This actually broke splash’s heart as he was hoping to find a friend.

1 thought on “Unadoptable Shelter Dog Becomes Sweetheart Of A-list Celebrity”

  1. The nose was adorable-definitely wanting a rub or a light scratch. My husband and I have adopted 6 shelter pets over the years. Loved them all dearly. Currently have an Alaskan Malumute/Border Collie mix we got the day before he was supposed to be euthanized. With some training and loving, he has become a wonderful companion and that little bugger owns us, not the reverse!

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