What Mystery Surprised Everyone When A Hole Was Discovered In Wall!

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flashlight helping a bit with looking around room

PoolBoysTX12 wasn’t done with his suggestions yet. He had more of it. He further wrote- “I would be surprised if you researched your address with police records and didn’t see a drug case. Good luck…” It just started getting interesting. Many people were onboard with the ideas of PoolBoysTX12. Even I agree, this was interesting. What do you think?

It was obviously an easy approach to all this, not hard to believe , but the question still remains the same. These were mere theories and no one knew for sure, as in what was the purpose of the room. There was still a possibility which didn’t cross anyone’s mind.

Cyrex686 took his time and stated- “Everyone wants it to be, But it never was.” Well at least this was answered. The room was not a drug hub. If it wasn’t drug cave, a torture room nor a fornication center, then what could it be? Every speculation was approached but one, and it was soon to be revealed. Stay with us to know more.

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