What Mystery Surprised Everyone When A Hole Was Discovered In Wall!

Greed Alert!

Bob Kitts and Amanda with cash found in wall

You must be wondering, what they did with that amount of money? I will tell you. We all are humans and we have the greed in all of us in some or other way. And being greedy is never fruitful. Same happened with them. After discovering such big amount of money, Amanda offered Bob with 10% of the amount. But you wanted more. He asked for 40% of it. This discussion actually caught everyone’s attention and soon the secret became a news to everyone including 21 descendants of the owner of the money, Patric Dunne. Loss! Loss! Loss! That is what greed does to you. Before the amount was only to be distributed between two but now there are 21 more.
An advocate from the side of Patrick Dunne called it “the greed case”. Well it really was and there is no two ways of that. He said- “if these two individuals had sat down and resolve their disputes and divided the money, the heirs would have no knowledge of it. because they were not able to sit down and divide it in a rational way, they both lost”

Learn from it. Don’t be greedy. But what happened with money? Was Bob or Amanda were able to get some? Let’s see

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