What Mystery Surprised Everyone When A Hole Was Discovered In Wall!

John Fairfield

John Fairfield against the family and slavery

Black people were suffering and black people were supporting who was suffering. This wasn’t it even some of white people were also against malpractice of slavery. One of those white people was John Fairfield. He was different than his family. his family had many slaves and they were proud of it. But John Fairfield was different and hated this practice. He also joined hands with underground railroads in order to free the slaves. He disguised himself as an Undertakerpeople from a funeral ceremony to free them. He played important role and helped 28 people.

Today you came across many secret rooms. So many mysteries unveiled and also you learned about the dark history of America. Did you find it interesting? Are there any facts which you want to share? Let me know in the comment section.

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