What Secrets Does Mount Rushmore Chamber Holds?

We all have different sides for different people in our life. We tend to show our sides to others according to the relationship we have with them. We are different for friends, family and the one most different and hidden under your skin is the side that only you are aware of.

This article will keep getting interesting as you dive more into it. This will be a secrets and facts revealing ride, which were hidden under the carpet for years and is now revealed. The famous Mount Rushmore is a historical monument with faces of four Prominent Presidents United States- George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. Situated in Black Hills of South Dakota, this monuments construction started in1927 and went on till 1941.

But did you know about the secrets that this monument was hiding in it’s chambers? You didn’t? Let’s dive into the facts.


Mount Rushmore Initial Plans

Gutzon Borglum is the great mind behind this masterpiece. It was him who made it possible to carve four faces on a mountain. Not an easy task to be done and not a very normal or common idea for anyone to have, but his creative mind was epitome of brilliance.

There is a fact that he wanted to keep this project of his as a secret and didn’t wanted to reveal it to public, but why could that be? What could be the reason behind keeping such masterpiece a secret? Let’s find out.

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