What Secrets Does Mount Rushmore Chamber Holds?


Activities taking place at Mount Rushmore

When it comes to the activities which you can do at Mount Rushmore is visiting Lincoln Borglum Visitor Centre. There you can know about the history of the monument. You will be assigned with local rangers guide who will guide you along the tracks about the monument and information about the local tribes which still reside there. Not just this, after collecting all the knowledge and information you can enjoy the Evening Lightning Ceremony.
If you are a solo traveler and you want to know all about the monument by yourself, there is a self guided audio tour available for the people like you who want to listen to whole story behind this great masterpiece.
Mount Rushmore is a very prominent landmark of United States and plays a very important role in the history of the country. America is honor to have another great landmark known as Statue of Liberty. I know you all know about this landmark. But do you know what is her real name? I am sure you don’t but I will tell you the name and more.

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